Technical Support

If the system is not taking your username and password, please be sure you are entering your password in the following format: YYYYmmDD.

Step 1:
View Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.). To ensure the fastest possible resolution to your support request, be sure you have looked through our brief (9 questions; it'll take you two minutes!) FAQ BEFORE you submit a request here! 95% or more of all questions ARE answered in the FAQ page! Because De Anza's Online Education Center currently offers technical support via this system during normal business hours, browsing the short FAQ system is often a quicker way to get your question answered.

Step 2 (if possible):
Allow your email program (or ISP) to receive email from If you do not enable email from this domain, it's possible any response email we send you may be filed as "junk mail" and you will be unable to view our reply! This process is called "whitelisting," and addional information can be found in the whitelisting FAQ.

Step 3:
Submit a technical support request. Be sure to fill out as much information as possible! Students who leave some entries blank on average require 3 or more messages to have their issues resolved.